Content Writing

DIPRA Media Kit

As an Account Executive for DIPRA, I was responsible for a majority of the content writing for publications. I created the Media Kit as a concise tool with short overviews of important DIPRA information to offer members of the media who might be interested in learning more about Ductile Iron Pipe.

Spirit Magazine

One of my favorite accomplishments as a Southwest Airlines intern was writing a piece for the inflight magazine, Spirit. Thousands of copies of this magazine are printed each month to accommodate every seat pocket on all Southwest aircraft. It made me extremely proud to know that my work was soaring across the country on such a large scale. Although Arturo insisted that he didn’t have an interesting story, it was a pleasure to interview him and share his LUV for Southwest Airlines.


From the Ground Up

From the Ground Up is a monthly magazine distributed within the Ground Operations department of Southwest Airlines. Each month I was assigned multiple articles featuring exceptional employees and their accomplishments in and outside of the workplace. My favorite assignment was a personal account of my experience hiking to Machu Picchu in 2013. I greatly enjoyed the opportunity to do some travel writing for this publication.

Healing Hands

Along with the monthly newsletter, Lifelines, the College of Veterinary Medicine releases a magazine each semester with more prominent stories and alumni information. This magazine is distributed to hundreds of students and alumni, as well as any interested subscribers. I helped write and design for three of these magazines. My favorite story from Healing Hands was about a Veterinary Health Center technician, Dr. Ellie Nuth. Not only is Dr. Nuth an inspiring individual, but I felt very comfortable interviewing and photographing her for this piece.

Lifelines Feature (click here)

While working with the Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine, one of my primary duties was to organize and compile information for the monthly newsletter, Lifelines. Often, I simply convert press releases into short articles, but sometimes I have the opportunity to research and interview for my piece. In this issue of Lifelines, I wrote the article “Students assist animals abroad in India” based off my  research and interviews.

LANL earns three R&D 100 Awards (click here)

One of my first duties at Los Alamos National Laboratory in 2011 was to summarize the winning technologies in the 2011 R&D 100 Awards. This press release is the externally released information from that summary. It was this summer internship that pushed me to declare PR as a major.

A New Tool from Los Alamos to Fight Breast Cancer (click here)

This lengthy article was a particularly challenging project during my time with Los Alamos National Laboratory. Working with the lead scientist to simplify the information while maintaining accuracy is often a painfully difficult process, but the result was an externally published article with Innovation Magazine.