Social Media

I have a proven track record of using social media to grow an organization’s social media presence and website traffic. One of my primary clients experienced a 338% increase in Facebook likes and a 397% average organic reach for Facebook posts in just one year. In addition, I have helped redevelop client websites, utilizing SEO best practices, Google Analytics, and Joomla/Wordpress development.

DIPRA Facebook2

I updated all of the DIPRA graphics to align with new brand standards, introducing the company immediately as you arrive on the page.

DIPRA Facebook1

Average Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts focused on using compelling copy and imagery to push users to the website.

DIPRA Facebook3

To help reach our goal of increased website visits, we used website specific advertising, listing 4-5 specific resources users could find on the DIPRA website.

AATPC Facebook1

I also updated the AATPC Facebook at Twitter look and feel for AATPC, a nonprofit pro-bono project I initiated.

AATPC Facebook2

AATPC posts varied in order to reach each of their unique audiences.