Publication Design

NOTE:  Because I designed these products for print the colors may become distorted when moved to the web.  For original copies of the publications, please contact me.

Ground Operations Digital Slides

Over the course of my internship with Southwest Airlines, I was in charge of designing and updating digital slides for the Ground Operations team. These slides were displayed across the country in over 100 airport break rooms to update employees on important changes within the company.


Blood Donation Pamphlet

This pamphlet was a project I worked on through the Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine. I met and photographed multiple of the greyhounds used for blood donations through the Veterinary Health Center and created this pamphlet to inform clients about the donor program.


Technology Transfer Progress Report

My most ambitious design project was this progress report for the Los Alamos National Laboratory Technology Transfer Division (now referred to as the Feynman Center for Innovation). I was the lead designer and coordinated the entire 20 page publication. I am extremely proud of this project and recently began work on the 2013 edition.

FCI example_Page_05FCI example_Page_10

NMSBA REI Brochure

I updated the current NMSBA informational brochure to inform our target audience about a program offered by the organization. Although I did have to work within the constraints of the current design, I had to work to adapt new information in a creative manner.

Renewable Energy Institute_Page_1 Renewable Energy Institute_Page_2 Renewable Energy Institute_Page_3

R&D 100 Advertisement

This informative ad was the first product of mine printed in a magazine.  The ad was again meant to highlight winning LANL technologies in the R&D 100 awards and appeared in the nationally distributed R&D 100 magazine.

Update: R&D 100 magazine currently features this advertisement as an example on their website, I am so proud!